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Difference between SAP Enable Now Extension

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Recently my team and I had been trying push contents on SAP Enable Now For Desktop, we then realized we need to have extensions ready for end user when we test the contents on new machine. Question is we don't know the difference between each of the extensions. On the new machine we needed to have 'Enablement Assistant' ready but isn't that outdated? Would love to find out what extension to push to end user when we distribute our contents. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks!

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The latest extensions are:

  • SAP Enable Now, browser application recorder
  • SAP Enable Now, desktop application recorder

You are right, Enablement Assistant is outdated and can be removed.

You will find all the details about the extensions in the SAP Enable Now Extension Guide on the SAP Help Portal. There are the correct extension IDs as well as the links to the stores.

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hi Steffen, even though the latest extension is installed, but I still cant see the content on web application (Edge browser). Could you please advise?