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Deletion of Goals using Role Based Permissions

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Is there a way to set the ability to delete goals based on Role Based Permissions? For example supervisors have the ability to delete goals but make sure non-supervisors cannot? Or is it all or nothing?

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Product and Topic Expert
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For Goals, you set the permission to access the goal plans and some other access permissions in RBP. However, with that, the permissioned users are not allowed to create, edit or cascade goals.

These permissions are derived from the custom-specific goal plan xml file. This xml file specifies which roles (such as, employee, manager, HR manager) are allowed to view and edit goals. Permissions can be set to allow an employee (E), their manager (EM), managers above (EM+), etc. A snipit showing delete permissions for a manager within a goal plan is included below. Please be sure to review detailed options as they are provided in the available goal management implementation guide.

<permission for="delete">
<description><![CDATA[Example giving a direct manager permission to delete goals]]></description>