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Deleting non-eligible employee from compensation worksheet once launched.

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Hello Experts,

We are using a non-EC compensation module.

Here, the customer has launched the worksheets. After launched the worksheets there is change in employee's eligibility, So the data is updated via UDF, and the worksheets are updated accordingly.

But the issue here is, Once the worksheets are updated the non-eligible employees are greyed out but still are visible in the executive review which are reflecting in the count and are affecting canvas reports generated for budgeting.

Here, there are two options:

1] We delete the employees manually (Which is not feasible in this case as the employee count is large)

2] Delete the worksheet and do a relaunch. (This adds the rework once the managers give their inputs and then there is change in the eligibility, we have to update the executive review records and import it)

I'm trying to find a more feasible solution and a workaround where we can remove the greyed employees from the worksheets to avoid above mentioned workaround steps.

Please share your insights with a workaround.

Thank You.

Sanket Deshmukh.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi sd07

There is no possibility to mass remove employees from worksheets. The two options you listed are the only ones unfortunately.

All the best