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Delagatee able to approve workflow initiated by self

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Dear Experts,

We have following scenario in EC:

A person Jack is on leave and has put auto - delegation of workflow. The intended person to receive Jack's workflow is Cathy (Jack's immediate manager). Jack is also HR Manger for a person called Jim.

In the absence of Jack, Cathy initiated a HR transaction for Jim, and workflow went to Jack and then got auto delegated back to Cathy for approval. Cathy was able to approve it too. Now this seems to be an audit risk that the initiator of workflow is approving the same workflow.

Ideally this type of cases auto - delegation should not happen.

Has anyone encountered case like this? Is there any solution possible?

Thank You!

Warm Regards,


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Answers (2)

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You make two if statements in the rule that triggers the workflow:

if current user different from login user => set regular wf

else if current user = login user => set another wf that will go to a distinct person (evidently you should not set the approval step assigned to a dynamic group in which the user is also a part)

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I unfortunately doubt you can prevent this as its at a user's discretion that you delegate permissions to someone. In a way the workflow is also good, because you can at least see that an employee (unrightfully) self-approved and with reports you can then monitor on that.