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Course Home - Blended Item

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Dear community,

I hope anyone can help us here. Since the enable of the new Course Home in SuccessFactors Learning from H2 2023, we can see positive changes in different item types. However, when it comes to blended item, we noticed some changes now.

After admin created a blended training, users can see an option for them to "Choose Your Learning Style", where user can choose between instructor-led training or online content to complete the item. This only happens when admin enabled the setting of allowing "Unregistered User can Access Online Content".

Is such a new settings from the Course Home? We have not seen this before when we are testing course home.

I can understand the logic behind, which after such setting is enable, system will allow the user to choose between attending class or consume the online content. However, it is not what we want to setup in the blended item. We want to have the online content be consumed and later allow the user to register to a class. Does it means admin needs to disable "Add to History on pass" or "Add to History on Completion of all Content"?

I will be thankful if you can give me some insight here.

Thank you in advanced.

Best regards,


SAP SuccessFactors Learning


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello @Lik Hope you`re doing well

This setting isn`t new (General User Settings | SAP Help Portal - Allow users access to online content without registration) - Is a standard configuration that means you can control in Blended Courses, the online content availability.

Item >> Item Details


If you set no, the user is not allowed to see the content if not register in a class, however set yes, any student can add this item to do and see the online content without register in a class.

About your concern about to execute the course after the presential session, this would be interest:

Content available only during specified time slot of a class is another setting (Item >> Online Content >> Configuration) that you can use in partnering with this setting, that "restrict" the online content visualization only to specific slot.


Class >> Agenda >>


Class >> Agenda >> Edit Slot >> Allow access to online content during this time slot


I hope this helps
Daniel Romanin

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