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Control on data transferred

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We, Honda, is busy with an integration between Successfactors and S4HANA. Now an integration partner is asking for access to Success factors via Cloud Integration.

Now our Head of HME HR Systems and me as System administrator of SF wants, gdpr wise, have control on which data can be accessed and transferred to S4HANA.

Is that possible and how to be sure?


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Answers (2)

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SuccessFactors wise you could say that the user (over which data is gathered) only has access to certain data (that you define) and thereby you can never get other data within cloud integration. In that sense the solution is more within SuccessFactors than Cloud Integration. For S4, I'm not the full expert, but knowing the average setup you should be able to permission a user in a similar way to restrict operations and data.

Within cloud integration you can assign certain roles of course too, but those roles won't know what data in S4 and SuccessFactors is considered personal by you (at best you can ensure that they cannot do a trace so that they can never actually see what data goes through the integrations they build). In a lot of ways Cloud Integration never really allows you to see data that goes through unless you do a trace / log the payload as step in your Iflows in Cloud Integration (but this last 1 cannot be permissioned).

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Hello antoine.winter,

Found something to resolve your query. I am not expert but the solution is similar to your query as I understand.

Replicate Entire Tables:

To replicate an entire table, click Add Tables in the Tables section, choose the table(s) you wish to replicate, and click Add Selected Tables.

For more details, refer below link.


Neeraj Jain