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Compound Documents not reflecting course updates - Enable Now

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For some courses, when we make changes to the slide and export the compound doc, the slide image in the compound doc does not reflect the updated content but reflects the old content. We need to either replace the screenshots or re-create the slide from scratch. Either way, that takes additional effort. Is there any way to resolve this challenge?

We've made sure to delete the image object vs. deleting and copying and pasting.

We've been seeing oddities since 2305 and I'm wondering if there's a hotfix or should I put out another incident?

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The Compound Document actually takes the Preview image for Book Pages. These should be updated whenever you save the Book Page, but sometimes they are not.

First thing to check:: For your Documentation Settings for the Compound Document > Book Page make sure Refresh Preview Images is selected. That should fix it, but it doesn't always,

What I find I have to do is Start Editing the entire Book, then select it and use menu option Workarea > Generate All Content and select Subtree and Book Page Previews. (And then Finish Editing > Publish...) That always seems to work.