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Compensation - setting up groups with different budgets in the same plan?

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Hi There,

We are on EC and using Success Factors Compensation module. We are testing to see if we can set up up a plan that will calculate and allocate budgets based on a group and to see if we can have different groups with different allocations. For example, we are looking to use budget based on a PercentOfCurSal based on group, where one group would have a budget of 2.5% and another group would have a budget of 3%. Has anyone ever done this kind of of set up?


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi dncg

This is leading practice configuration.

Budget is based on percentOfCustomField where the custom column/field referenced in the budget set up has in its formula a reference to a lookup table which uses different attributes (for example : Country and city) to assign a different budget % to each employee's which is then multiplied by the employee's current salary to make up an individual budget envelope, the sum of which makes up the worksheet's budget.

Step 1 : create the lookup table :

Step 2 : Add the column in Design Worksheet :

Step 3 : Create the budget :

Budget configuration :

More on this topic here :

All the best