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Compensation Module: Adding calculated column to effect Equity (Stock) Budget

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We have Compensation module for quit some time. Till the last process, we had one column in the Equity (Stock) tab that effected the Equity (Stock) Budget.

For the next process, we have a new request to add to the Equity (Stock) tab: we need to have a second stock column (for example, 'Column B') that will be affecting the budget in addition to the existing column (for example, 'Column A'). Meaning, we need to have 2 columns that will affect the same equity (Stock) budget.

Upon SAP Support assistant, we asses a calculation column for the 2 columns and made an XML change for the Equity (Stock) Budget to be updated by that calculation column, but that didn't work. The budget is only taking under consideration Column B change.

Note that in "Compensation Home" screen -> "Plan Setup" tab -> "Plan Details" tab -> Budget:
The "Budget On" indicate the new calculated column, but when accessing the budget itself, the "Components" indicted "Column B"

I would love to know if any other customers did some similar changes & can help us figure this out.

According to SAP Support it's posible,, but we were not abel to make it work for us.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The Stock module does not have that level of customisability. You would need to use the Compensation module.