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change of supervisor doesn´t affect position org chart

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Hi Team

If we insert a Change of Supervisor in the Job info of an employee, we would like to know if that will change the employee below the new supervisor in both the Org Chart and Position Org Chart. But what we are observing is that, if in JOB INFO we only change the supervisor, without changing the position, when view the positiong org chart we see that the employee remains in the same place under the previous manager, but in the first Org chart (not the positions one) the if we select the employee, it goes to the new supervisor but the employee dissapears.

We arrived to the conclusion that the position is going to remain under the higher level position that was inserted in Manage Data - Positions no matter if we change the supervisor in Job Info so...

What is the best way to proceed regarding this situation? Shall we change the position and the supervisor every time we need to change someone´s supervisor in the Org chart, or is there a way to synchronise the change in JOB INFO supervisor with the position chart?

Best regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can you check how your Position Management Settings are configured for Synchronization. Refer this KBA for details 2529515 - Position To Job Information Sync Troubleshooting Guide (PositionToJobInfoSyncRuleCheck) - ...

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