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Cannot access Learning Data in Detailed Reporting (ORD)

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I cannot access learning data in detailed reporting. Once I cklick on learning activity/activity history I get an error message: "Application error: An error occurred in processing your request"

I checked a KBA that say that possible causes for this issue are:

I checked points 1 and 2 and everything was correctly configured but I noticed that Learning Base URI in Provisioning is missing and that can cause the issue:

My questions are:

- How do I know what is my Learning Base URI, where I can find this information?

- Can someone of you give me an example of Learning Base URI that is correctly configured for ORD?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can find your base URL in the BIZX Configuration.

Learning Administiration > System Administration > Configuration > BizX

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