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Can we re arrange the sequence of Provide your details to get Onboarded?

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Hi All,

We are implementing ONB 2.0.We received a query regarding the sequence of the " Provide your details to get Onboarded"

Is it possible to make the New Hire to submit the "e-signature" first instead of "Provide your personal information" technically?

I know the system does not allow the next step until the new hire completed the PDC and then ADC steps.

If so, how?



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Hi rajeshwar.gundi - This should be possible if the document is configured using Document Flow step and the data needed on it has already been captured before the Personal Data Collection Step.

But if your client wants the home page NOT to show "Provide your details to get onboarded" on the Help Us Learn About You card, then this will not be possible because the e-signing of the documents from Document Flow step will show on the same task. So, the same task "Provide your details to get onboarded" will show up on the home page card but will only ask a e-signing of documents first should you configure Document Flow to trigger before Personal Data Collection using Process Variant Manager.

There is no dedicated home page card for just signing documents that is why it will be tricky to achieve the customer's requirement.

I hope this helps.