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Business Rule to set Default Picklist Value in Termination Screen


Hi All,

Good day. Could you please let me know if there is a way to set a default picklist value in the Termination screen using a business rule? I'm trying to create one, but it is not working.

Thank you so much.

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Answers (2)


You could set an onChange rule on the Termination date field.


if Employment Details model.Termination Date is not equal to Null

Then: set Employment Details Model.Field.Value to be equal to Value

Its not exactly what you want, but its the closest thing.

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I unfortunately doubt you'll succeed as you'd ideally want an OnInit rule (which doesn't work if it's a not a new hire scenario). You could try it with a Onview rule with on termination reason, but I doubt that would work. If it's just 1 value you want specific users to always select, you could choose to remove permissions for all other termination reasons to ensure the person could only select 1 thing (and it would therefore always show first).