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Business Integration Builder : Passing custom fields


Hi All,

Existing implementation of custom BADI (ZHR_SFEC_ADAPT_ORG_ASSIGNMENT / BADI Definition EX_SFIOM_ADAPT_EE_ORG_ASSGNMNT) shows set of custom fields being passed from SF to ECC.


Structure used to pass fields(all are custom fields) from SF to ECC is ORGAS_CUSTFEXT but I am not able to figure out where are the definition/grouping defined for these custom fields (Standard Tables under ORGAS_CUSTFEXT).

Another way of looking into the issue is I can see only few custom fields in table SFIOM_RPRQ_EOAXT. Where is this grouping of fields defined? 

(I have tried searching in SPRO > BIB configuration but I am not able to figure that out. Custom org fields are retrieved but based on what grouping/definition).


Please suggest.

Best Regards,

Naveen Vishal




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