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Bonus Provision Posting Characteristics

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Hello Experts,

I have a Scenario to be discussed. And your help is required for this. One small request please do not paste F1 help screen shot.


There is a Bonus Wage Type which is accumulated in the CRT and Every payroll run the RT gets filled with the wage type amount but it is not added to the Total Amount.

Wage type 1101 as Perf Bonus RT Rs. 200 (PC_Payresult)

Another Wage type 1102 is a payment wage type from which it is paid to the employees when management decides.

My Query is that is the below posting characteristics (MOLGA - 40) ok or should i change this if so then what necessary changes to be made.

For 1101

Wage TypePosting SignSymbolic AccountSym Acc. DescAccount Type
1101- Positive Amount CreditD001Bonus ProvisionF

For 1102

Wage TypePosting SignSymbolic AccountSym Acc. DescAccount Type
1102+ Positive Amount DebitD002Bonus PaymentC
 + Positive Amount DebitD001Bonus ProvisionF

Is this ok or do I need to change this?

Your suggestion would be highly appreciated please.

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