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Benefit Claim Rejection and One Time Payment setup for loan approval

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Hello Gurus,

Would like to seek your advise on the below:

1. Rejection of Reimbursement Claim

We have set up our reimbursement (Education Allowance) claim amount editable for HR and while approving the request we do not have a reject option and it only shows Approve, Update, Delegate, Assign to Me and Send Back. Is there an available option to include it in the approval selection while keeping the update option? By this the application is totally acted upon and closed.

Does the send back option always revert back to initiator or is there a way to revert it one level down of the approval hierarchy in case the application has already been approved by multiple approvers?

2. When approving Loan (advances), we are required to set up a one time payment in order to be picked up by ECP, in such case, is there a way to make it automatic set-up rather than manually?

Thank you so much in advance..

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