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Automatize testing by Employee event

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in order to streamline Run mode, we are investigating to move away from module by module testing to go into

Event testing.

let me elaborate on these:

In each module, we have notice issues are concentrated into these areas:

- Hiring ( before or after the hiring date)

- manager change

-company change

- organization change ( dept / division / sub-division)

- termination

- name change

instead of creating a test case forceach of these scenario in each of the modules live, we would create a single test case with a step for each module.

These would take into consideration the user creation and deletion at the end.

we are also evaluating cloning capabilities of existing user to simplify user creation.

Does other customers went into these path ?

does the events of intelligent services are any use for it or just an extra layer of complexity without adding major benefits ?

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