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Authoring In-App Guided Tours for Connected Screens in SAP S4

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Hi All,

We are authoring In-Application guided tours using SAP Companion for the SAP S4 application.

Following is an example of the guided tour we authored. We created the Guided Tour for the "Display Change Requests" Fiori app. We could add steps for various screen elements on this screen as you can see in the picture 01 below. 

Picture 01:

Image 01.png

One of the steps on the above screen is to click the number hyperlink in the Change column (step 04). When I click it, the new screen appears as shown below, Picture 02. Now, on this new screen, we do not the see the Help icon, so cannot open the In-App Help widget. So we cannot add any bubble here. Any reason why this happens?

Picture 02:

Image 02.png

Also, another question, user can click any hyperlink on the picture 01, but we cannot author guided tour content for all such possibilities. In this case, is there any best practice to create guided tours?

Please help.





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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(1) Because it is a separate app. Currently app spanning is not possible (although there is rumor it will be coming in a future release). No idea why the (?) doesn't appear (along with the other buttons) - maybe something specific to that app - or is it actually a GUI transaction being opened in a separate browser tab / from a separate system?

(2) Don't tie your help to a specific value on a specific row in a table - in the best case it will tie it to "column x on row y" which won't always be what the user clicks on. Have the bubble point to the entire column, and provide a text of "click on the required..." or something similar. You also have the option of using a hidden hotspot and/or turning off the automation on click depending on how you want it to look/act. 

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