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Attendance and Absence Report with LATE IN and EARLY OUT

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Hi All,


We have a requirement for Attendance and Absence Report along with Late IN and Early OUT. 

Basically it should be like a Day-wise report next to each calendar date with each day showing 

1> Clock IN

2> Clock OUT

3> Absence

4> Late IN

5> Early OUT

6> NO Attendance/Absence (on a working Day)


Currently we have built a report which shows Clock IN and OUT, Absence. 

We referred to the below blog as well which explains about the same.


How to get Late IN and Early OUT in the same report?

We are deriving Late IN and Early OUT as Valuation Results. Not able to merge the Valuation Results in the Attendance and Absence Report. 


Any input if this is possible would be appreciated. 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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HI @Nachiketa 

we discussed your requirements and have the following idea:

1. Calculate the late coming time and early leaving time in daily time containers

2. Provide a story report with three tables on three different data sources that share the same filter. Filter could be Date (range), Employee

Tables are:

Attendances and Absences with RecordedTimeDataViewV2 to see 1, 2, and 3 (New Reporting Capabilities for Absences and Attend... - SAP Community)

B Daily Time Container to see 4 and 5

C Planned working time with Planned Working Time reporting object to see 6 (Reporting of Planned Working Time with Story Reports | SAP Help Portal)

We hope this is helpful.

Best regards