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APM Capability: Adding Hold information to statements

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Where / how we find the capability to add hold information to our statements

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Jim,

You will need to add a subreport to your existing Jasper statement to capture the Held Transactions since the main statement driver query looks only for vouchered payments (Held Transactions are not vouchered).

The main components of the Held Section driver query will need to reference:

1. RunListNoHold: This value is stamped on the BrokerHistory records that were evaluated in the payout were the statement was generated.

2. RunListNoRoot: This value is the RunListNo of the Payout. This value is passed in a token from the Main Report of the statement to the new Hold section in Jasper.


3. VendorNo: VendorNo links the Held transactions to the Vouchered payments in the statement.

4. HoldStatus: The Held Section should only return Payments that are Held (HoldStatus=2)

The query will look something like below: