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Address Category onChange Rule

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We have an onChange rule attached to Address Category to set field-level visibility for the different address options within the picklist (Postal Address, Home Address, etc). The same rule is attached onView on the CSF Home Address Portlet in Manage Business Configuration.

When editing addresses on a profile via the pencil icon, the following happens:

  • on the existing record, when you change the Address Category, the UI does not set field visibility as per the defined rule. Not all the fields are displayed as per the rule. Example: when changing from Home Address to Postal Address, the PO Box field does not become visible. A rule trace shows the rule is running and executing as expected. It does perform the step of setting the PO Box field to be visible, but the UI is not updated as per the rule execution.
  • when disabling the onView instance of the rule, performing the same actions result in the fields being displayed as per the onChange instance of the rule.
  • we can simply disable the onView instance, but for South Africa there is a bunch of fields then display which is not ideal.

Is this normal system behaviour?

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You basically have 2 rules fighting each other and the onview rule being more dominant one unfortunately and, as much as I agree it's not ideal, that is what it is. I'm still waiting for the moment we can use oninit for such portlets without considering the new hire scenario.