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Adding background music to Enable Now

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Can you add background music to demos within SAP Enable Now?

Or do you need to add the music separately and then the voice?

I have tried to have the background music on while I recorded audio and you could either barely hear the music or you could not hear me.

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Hi Vee,

It is possible to add background music to a Book and Book Pages but not Simulations. To add the background music to a Book and Book Pages:

1. Open the first Book Page in the Book in Producer
2. Click the icon on the toolbar that looks like a puzzle piece and select Audio. This adds an audio object at the top of the page
3. With the audio object selected, select the background music file in the Source field
4. Set the Sound Channel value to Book Sound
5. Make sure that Start Automatically is turned on and you are good to go.


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You're probably just using the Page Sound (on the Page Object). If you use an Audio object, SAP Enable Now provides five 'channels' you can play the audio in (and play audio concurrently in any or all of these channels), and you can control the volume separately for each of these.

The Book Sound plays throughout all Book Pages in a Book (assuming you start it in the first Book Page, as Shane notes). Page Sound is specific to the Book Page, and is the channel used by the Page > Page Sound property. Then there's three other channels you can use for other things. If you play an audio file in a specific channel it will stop any sound that is already playing in that channel - so if you want background music and your voice, you'll want to have these in separate channels.