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Activating Help Icon for SAP S4 Fiori

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Hi All,

We have activated SAP Companion configuration for the SAP S4 Fiori target system. As a result, we can see the In-App Help icon (question mark) enabled for Fiori apps. However, for some Fiori apps, we DO NOT see the In-App Help Icon. Any particular reason for this? Does this mean that I need to do SAP Companion configuration at the individual Fiori App level in these cases?


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The Fiori app may be missing the necessary metadata or annotations that enable the display of the In-App Help icon. Check the app's configuration to ensure that the required annotations for In-App Help are present. If the Fiori app has been customized or extended, it's possible that the In-App Help functionality was inadvertently removed or disabled during the customization process. Review the customizations made to the app to identify any potential issues. Some Fiori apps may have specific configuration settings that control the display of the In-App Help icon. Check the configuration settings for the affected apps to ensure that the In-App Help feature is enabled.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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not exactly true. The in-app help framework load is initiated by the Fiori Launchpad itself, once the plugin is enabled. If the in-app help question mark doesn't show for the particular fiori app this means there is no standard context help for it on or no custom help on the customer's SAP Enable Now system.