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A field does not appear in the compound employee doing the query with CPI or SOAP UI

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Hello everyone I hope you are very well.

I have a somewhat strange situation, I have SuccessFactors EC and every time I make a new hire the Payroll_ID field of the compensation_information entity is filled with a business rule that basically takes the code from another field and puts it in payroll_ID, when I create the new employee the field is saved with its respective code as shown in the following image

but when I perform the query through an integration or using an external tool such as soapUI, the employee that I just created does not return the payroll_id field, it is as if it were not visible.

Does anyone know if I'm forgetting some additional configuration in SFSF EC to make the field visible in the CompoundEmployee API?

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Answers (2)

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Hello Juan,

You can check the field visibility in SFAPI data dictionary. Refer below.

Most of the compound employee structures re referred from Manage Business Configuration where you can set the visibility.



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Are you using CompoundEmployee api? As /person/employment_information/compensation_information/payroll_id should be in there (you can also check SFAPI Data dictionary as when it doesn't show up there in the entity you are querying it makes sense). If you use this 1 via SOAP it may behave differently as it excludes fields that should not be shared: