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2H 2023 Release query - Horizon theme font/field size in LMS

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Hi all,

We've been looking at the 2H 2023 release and have enabled the Horizon theme in Learning Administration (LMS).

Compared to the previous view, the size of the font and fields is much larger with the Horizon view.

Previous view:

Horizon view:

As you can see, we use a lot of search criteria!

The look is good, but the size doesn't seem helpful. When there are a lot of search criteria or results to work with this results in a lot more scrolling, and we can see less on the page. Yes, we could adjust the browser zoom, but then the menu shrinks and is harder to use.

Is there any method to adjust the font/field size, or is this planned for a future enhancement?

At the moment we do not plan to enable this change in Production, as it would make our admins work more difficult. I wonder what others think?

Many thanks,

Paul Godfrey

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