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Product and Topic Expert

In this blog post, we’ll walk through the process of setting up On-Premise/Cloud SFTP connectivity in SAP Datasphere (formerly known as Data Warehouse Cloud). This guide will help you establish a secure connection
between SAP Datasphere and an SFTP data source hosted on-premise. Let’s dive in!


Components Involved

Before we begin, let’s understand the key components involved in this setup:

SAP Datasphere (DWC): Our cloud-based data platform.
SFTP Server: The data source hosted on-premise or cloud provided by SAP Successfactor Incentive Management

Note :

  • On-premise (Oracle or HANA SAP Commissions Tenant)
  • Cloud ( Hyperscaler GCP - SAP Successfactor Incentive Management)


Ensure the following prerequisites are met:

Adjust your private keys to connect with your SFTP server.
SAP Datasphere must be allowed to connect with provided OpenSSH key
You should have access to your SFTP locally and Datasphere administration credentials.

Step 1: SAP Datasphere Environment

  1. Log in to Datasphere.
  2. Check if you already created Space, If space is not created then follow next
  3. Navigate to Space Management ➡️ Create Space ➡️ Enter Space Name and Space ID
  4. Update all the relevant fields which you require and allocate the space and memory
  5. Make note of the space name and id

Step 2: Configure SAP Datasphere SFTP

  1. Log in to Datasphere.
  2. Go to left menu Connections ➡️ Select your Space ➡️ Click Create
  3. Navigate to the appropriate SPACE ID for connectivity.
  4. Click Create and select the connection type as Generic SFTP.
  5. Fill in the respective fields:
    • Category (Cloud for GCP or K8) and (Onprem for Oracle or HANA Stack SAP Commissions)
    • Host key (SSH Keyscan with your SFTP PortNo and Host)
    • Authentication (SSH)
    • Desired root path for browsing objects (Inbound, Outbound folder)
    • User Name (provided by the SFTP administrator from Incentive Management)
    • Private key (Convert it from OpenSSH Key)


Validate the Connection

  1. Validate the connection from Datasphere.

A successful connection will confirm that you can now access source data on the SFTP server using SAP Datasphere.


By following these steps, you’ll establish a robust and secure SFTP connection between SAP Datasphere and your on-premise or cloud data source. Happy to help you! 🚀