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Exciting new research reveals that significant, measurable business benefits are achievable when end-users receive sufficient training. According to the IDC study, overall, organizations that provided enough technical and end-user training gained about 20% across key performance measures.

Building relationships is essential to your business and ours. What better way to cement those relationships then by saving your customers nearly one month in deployment time and delivering 7–13 times improvement in key end-user performance measures?

These impressive results open up new opportunities for businesses like yours—not only in the training you provide for your own consultants—but also in the training you sell to customers.
Now you can share this research with customers to show them exactly how investing in training can deliver significant performance improvements, including:
• Improved key performance measures
• Fewer support tickets and critical tickets
• Shorter deployment time
• Improved satisfaction with the deployed solution

What better time than now to emphasize the important role that SAP training and enablement plays in equipping your consultants and your customers’ end users with the right knowledge and skill sets to maximize performance? Training from SAP enables you and your customers to tap into our unique depth of experience, global presence and worldwide partner ecosystem. We apply all of these unmatched resources to transform businesses into Intelligent Enterprises that can innovate faster than the competition, create new markets and capture mindshare.

Training enables the adoption of SAP Innovation from the planning phase, to go-live, and beyond—utilizing Instructor Led Training, Software and Consulting Services. Our Continuous Learning Framework can be woven into the fabric of your business and your customers’ businesses to make learning an integral part of the company culture.

At SAP training and enablement, our goal is your success, so I offer you this simple best practice: increase the training provided to impacted team members implementing (or deploying) and using SAP applications every day. If you do, you’ll help create consistently greater performance improvements from your SAP solutions.
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