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DON’T MISS SAPRadio Changing the Game with HR Episode 5: "Reimagining HR: Will Machines Replace the Human Side of Business?" – on Changing the Game with HR Radio – April 13, 2017 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET – Follow us on Twitter: #SAPRadio

This show is part of a 10-episode SAP SuccessFactors radio series that started on January 19 and will continue to air every three weeks on Thursdays at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET on the VoiceAmerica network Business Channel, SAP Radio Changing the Game with HR. The series will run through August 2017. All shows will be recorded and available for download or live playing via the website. Our last show aired on March 2, titled: CHRO: The New Roadmap to the Boardroom? is available here.

The digitalization of business functions has started an evolution and revolution in the way we work and lead. Smarter decisions with the help of fancy algorithms are not a thing of the future; smart machine technology informs many parts of our lives today - from home and into the office and everything in between. The big question on the minds of many is: will machines take my job?

Labeled the Cognitive Era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on track to permeate every facet of business. Employees who use AI have reported far higher degrees of confidence in informed decision-making than those without machine-based intelligence. This is quickly resulting in the need for executives to create policies and principles that guide and protect how artificial intelligence is used in the workplace. From an HR perspective, the principles should be grounded in making the lives of the workforce better.

The algorithms that fuel machine learning are being used in multiple HR functions, most prominently in recruiting and performance management where high volumes of data are analyzed such as corporate goals and objectives compared with individual credential and soft data points for functions such as candidate sourcing for new jobs and rating decisions during performance review calibrations. Many hope that AI, which removes the human biases that often lead to an analogous workforce population, will be effective in detecting, preventing, and eventually eradicating unconscious bias throughout the employee life-cycle. This all leads to one key take-away:  HR must increase its acumen on emerging technology in order to ensure that human bias is not replicated in machine learning algorithms.

The radio show will cover key trends, pitfalls, and opportunities for HR to make cognitive computer part of its function and service offerings, including:

  • Current uses of AI and machine learning in the employee lifecycle

  • The factors every CHRO needs to consider when it comes to cognitive computing

  • Key policies and procedures for ensuring the ethical use of AI and machine learning

  • The role CHROs should play in influencing the use of AI in replacing functions and jobs

Join host Bonnie D. Graham as she talks with:

  • Andi Britt, European Talent and Engagement Leader, IBM Global Business Services, IBM

  • Tami Reiss, Product Consultant, Good2Great Product Strategy

  • Piyush Chandra, Senior Director, Innovation Center Network, SAP Labs

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