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Product and Topic Expert

When we attend courses or participate in eLearning there are many elements that make up the whole experience and contribute to our ability to learn and apply the information. Theory is fundamental but by no means sufficient to really get to grips with knowledge and turn it into practical results. And that is what effective learning is – the acquisition of knowledge such that we can do something differently afterwards.

One of the key elements of this process is the ability to practise what we have learned and, usually, make mistakes which are instructional in themselves. The process of trying, getting it wrong, correcting and then doing it right next time helps embed the learning such that we can then continue to do it right.

SAP recognised the importance of this practice opportunity when it launched the SAP Learning Hub and so created a component to allow experimental learning. It is called SAP Live Access. With SAP Live Access you can use fully supported pre-configured SAP systems focused on particular subjects with relevant data. These are protected environments in which to practise the configuration learned during training based on the exercises provided as well as offering the opportunity to try free system exploration.

SAP Live Access is available to purchase in blocks of 20 hours (you choose what you need) for a training system accessible anytime in a chosen 30 day period. As a member of the SAP Learning Hub, you are also able to consult the SAP course handbook of your interest and its exercises.

You might like to take a look at this brief video on SAP Live Access. And here’s a fascinating testimonial from IBM about how they transformed their SAP knowledgebase by subscribing their consultants to SAP Learning Hub.

You can read more details about SAP Live Access here or go to our Training Shop.
Please check the SAP Live Access Portal for available training systems and supported courses.


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HI - I have access to learning hub. Will this grant access to SAP LIVE or should I purchase the SAP LIVE Access separately?