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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Just when you think the year is almost over and everyone is smoothly rolling into the holiday period, BAM - here's the next SAP Enable Now release!

Next to one shining star, there are many other twinkles on the new feature sky - so please, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this read covering the most prominent updates for the SAP Enable Now 2211 release.

All this and more is also available on the Help Portal in the SAP Enable Now 2211 What's New Document.

Web-based Simulation Recording

The amazingly simple and awesome new web-based recording allows for a wizard-driven creation of tutorials for Windows and Mac OS users.

Web-based Simulation Recording

Authors can now easily capture browser based processes with the new web-based recorder (in Edge and Chrome). The wizard-driven approach will ensure a fast onboarding and even let subject matter experts create professional tutorials in the blink of an eye.
The recording is ensured via a browser extension and can be started from within the Manager.

See the tutorial

New SAP Companion Display Mode

The new display mode shows information directly in the flow of work by displaying help bubbles on hover.

To place relevant information where the user attention is, help bubbles can now be shown already when the user hovers the cursor over the respective help icon without opening SAP Companion.

This allows to show information easily as a tooltip. The bubble closes automatically shortly after the cursor leaves the help icon.

Added Flexibility for SAP Enable Now Manager Deployments

To add flexibility for installation of SAP Enable Now Manager (On-Premise) HANA option within your system landscape the following deployment options are now available:

For more information about installation, see Manager Installation Guide (HANA).

SAP Companion Default Content for SAP Concur

SAP provides free to use default adoption content for SAP Concur to drive onboarding for business users.

To actively support the onboarding process for business users of SAP Concur, SAP Enable Now customers can now make use of default in-app and e-learning content for SAP Concur for free.

The content includes several in-app tours, guiding the user through the most important processes and tutorials which can be optionally also included in your onboarding courses provided via Learning Management Systems.

• Download SAP Concur standard content from the SAP Enable Now Info Center
• See how to activate SAP Companion for SAP Concur in SAP Companion Integration Guide
• See how to you include Learning content in SAP Companion in SAP Companion Authoring Guide

User Experience

You talked - we listened! The whole SAP Enable Now team has been focused on User Experience like never before and we are proud to present the first harvest of this approach.

Optimized Server Settings

To increase the usability of the setup and configuration for Manager, the user interface for the server settings has been revised.

The new structure and segmentation by topics provides an optimized overview, easy navigation, and fast access to the required settings.

With the new live filter it is easy to find relevant settings quickly and there's now an option to revert back to the previously saved version of the settings. A green dot indicates which settings have been changed to better keep track of your changes.

See the tutorial

Improved Create New Content Dialog in SAP Companion

New content can now be easily created by a wizard-driven approach.

When there is no help content available for a certain screen, the content author will be informed pro-actively by offering all options and short descriptions to create new content.

This will help new content developers to easily create new content and get started to work with SAP Companion.

Technical details were moved to the Additional Information section.

Optimized Report Interface

To improve the usability and harmonized experience, the following reports and views have been optimized:

  • Report Planner
    Each scheduled report is now displayed with the report type and a corresponding icon. Quick actions allow to edit the scheduled report, to unsubscribe from the report distribution and to directly open the report with the pre-selected filters.

  • Server Statistics
    The server statistic report has been harmonized with the look and feel of current reports. Additionally, the data can now be exported in Microsoft Excel, CSV, and JSON formats.

Display of all supported languages for machine translation in Producer

When using machine translation in Producer, only the supported SAP Translation Hub languages are displayed now.

With Display All Languages, all languages supported by SAP Enable Now will be shown to allow the translation of language variants not supported by SAP Translation Hub into the defined fallback languages (as e.g. DE-CH > DE, PT > PT-BR, FR-CA > FR).

Unified Export Functions in Manager

Export functions in Reports area of Manager were unified to consistently provide Microsoft Excel and CSV formats as well as graphics for reports.

Reports and overviews can now also be exported as JSON files to allow more versatile use of the exported data. This format can be used, for example, for visualizing report data in Business Intelligence applications.

Possible Attempts in Test Mode

To provide more flexibility, the number of attempts for each projects test mode can now be defined with a value between 1 and 5.

Embedding Videos in Texts

To easily enrich the content with multimedia assets, videos can now be embedded as iFrame within the text editor. Furthermore, it simplifies the use of videos as they do not have to imported beforehand.

SAP Companion Updates

In addition to the hovering feature already mentioned above, the SAP Companion also boasts some new features. Remember to stay tuned with the SAP Companion Preview Newsletter!

Customer-Specific Content for SAP Marketing Cloud

For SAP Marketing Cloud, it is now possible to create your own SAP Companion content to adjust the standard content to customer-specific requirements.

Create your own context help, guided tours, and embedded learning to ensure acceptance and increase productivity from the start.

For more information, see SAP Companion Integration Guide.

Add Videos via Embedded Code

To easily enrich SAP Enable Now content with videos from external platforms as e.g. YouTube, dailymotion or Vimeo, videos can now be included via embed code within the text editor of SAP Companion directly.

API Links for SAP Companion

To increase the flexibility in content creation  specific actions – e.g. start of a guided tour from a help bubble – can now be added via API commands.

For a list of available actions, see Link to SAP Companion Actions for API Command.

Are you ready for more?

If you're thinking "oh, that's it?" - don't worry, we won't keep you waiting for too long. The next SAP Companion release is already around the corner and as long as you're waiting for the next SAP Enable Now release in May 2023, you can browse our updated Roadmap Explorer! By the way, the specific dates for the next releases are now published ahead of time in the Info Center.

Remember that we are always grateful for feature requests which you can hand in via the Customer Influence Portal. Plus you can vote for existing requests and really make a difference.

And if you're feeling like contributing even more ideas and feedback, have a look at the open Customer Engagement Initiative sessions which are updated several times a year.

Remember, after the release is before the release!

Take care,

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