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The SAP Enable Now 2005 Release is due for general release in May 2020 and contains some significant system enhancements. These enhancements bring greater capability to the solution and a number of them will result in more efficient content creation and maintenance. The following post is a summary of some of the key changes introduced by the 2005 Release.

Browser support

With the 2005 release, SAP Enable Now will support the use of Microsoft Edge for content recording and playback. This will ensure that customers and partners looking to support greater browser diversity can now choose between Internet Explorer, Chrome and Edge.

Along with the support of Microsoft Edge, the solution has been updated to allow authors to test content playback in the browser of choice. This will allow them to replicate the experience of their end users and provide greater ability to ensure content plays as expected before being published.

Content creation and maintenance efficiencies

Several important enhancements will be available through the 2005 Release that will drive greater authoring efficiencies in the development and maintenance of content.

One of the more significant enhancements involves the reuse of Standard Content. For those of you who aren’t aware, Standard support content has been released for many of SAP’s cloud-based applications; this content is created and managed using SAP Enable Now. SAP customers and partners can build their own end user training and support solutions around this Standard content by either updating and republishing the existing content or extending the existing content with their own customer-specific content; all developed and published using Enable Now. The 2005 Release makes the process of updating and republishing Standard content easier by removing one of the key steps involved in the process; this saves time and effort to repurpose that content.

A second efficiency enhancement introduced through Release 2005, is enhanced capability in content structure exporting and importing. This enhanced capability will significantly reduce the effort and time associated with making some bulk changes to content, such as updating Role and Context information on content to enable that content to be embedded in Web Assistant for in-application end user support.

A third efficiency measure introduced through the 2005 Release involves the ability to copy and paste content, such as images and text, from existing Word or HTML content. This means that reproducing existing content is now much easier and faster than ever before so that organizations can obtain maximum benefit from previous investments in content.

Usability improvements

The SAP Enable Now 2005 Release includes several usability improvements aimed at improving the user experience for content authors and administrators and end users.

The most obvious of the usability improvements is the redesign of the SAP Enable Now Manager interface. The redesign has introduced a new Home Page that displays Fiori-like tiles that enable authors and administrators to quickly navigate to functionality that would typically be accessed through menus. Whilst this new capability will be welcomed by many, the existing menu options will remain for those that enjoy the traditional means of accessing functionality in Manager.

A second significant usability improvement involves the ability to now deploy existing media content through Web Assistant and Desktop Assistant. The enhancement enables these existing media objects to be easily embedded into Web Assistant or Desktop Assistant to ensure that they can be easily accessed by end users, directly from the corresponding applications. This will not only improve the overall user experience accessing this content but ensure that customers obtain maximum benefit from their investment in that content.

Existing Web Assistant customers will also notice a significant change to the Web Assistant interface. This redesign of Web Assistant allows end users to continue to access all the great functionality in Web Assistant but modifies the navigation and flow of the solution so that it is more logical and consistent. This change, along with the extension of the Web Assistant application into Fieldglass, will drive increased understand and adoption of SAP’s suite of applications and improve the overall use of those solutions.

Further information

Whilst this post has covered several the bigger enhancements introduced through the 2005 Release, there are a significant number of other improvements that have not been covered in this document. For more information about those improvements, refer to:

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