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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear All,

In this article, you will come to know about SCIM v3 API's are enabled for User Provisioning to sync the Users between SAP Commissions to IAS and IAS to SAP Commissions (vice versa)

What is Bottom-Up Sync?

A Commission Admin will create a user (Participant through ODI/CDL file) & Admin users directly in the application (SAP Commissions) and IPS will trigger the job and those users are moved to SAP IAS (Identity Authentication) are called Bottom-up

What is Top-Down Sync?

An IAS Admin makes any changes in the User Management(both Admin & Participant) and newly created user (Admin only) will be synced up automatically through IPS using SCIM v3 API are called Top-Down 

Usually, some clients try to automate the user provisioning from Azure AD/Workday/Successfactors.. to IAS and then to different applications (Ex: SAP Commissions...) In this way, users are synced in real-time...

For example, An user leaves the company, immediately the user (he/she) won't be able to access the application and as well when New user is onboarded to the company, he/she would be getting access to the application quickly.

Another use case:  IAS Admin can manage a user seamlessly for all the Applications having one unique userID for access across other products as well (SAP C4C, Successfactors, S4 HANA Cloud, SAP Commerce, SAP CPQ..etc )

Note The best recommendation is to enable Top-Down and Bottom-up user Sync simultaneously

SAP Commissions SCIM API Documentation

v2 SCIM Documentation

v3 SCIM Documentation in SAP API Business Hub

SAP Commissions v3 API's Endpoint for debugging

### SCIM v3 Groups
GET https://<tenantid>
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic @{{authtoken}}

### SCIM v3 Users for All (Participant and Admins)
GET https://<tenantid>
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic @{{authtoken}}

### SCIM v3 To find out only Admins
GET https://<tenantid>
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic @{{authtoken}}


SAP Commissions Global Settings

This change is subjected to make by an Administrator to enable v3 SCIM APIs for SAP IPS (Identity Provisioning Service) Job to trigger.

SAP Identity Provisioning Service (IPS) 

Bottom-Up Sync Configuration:

By default, SAP Commissions provides standard connector in SAP IPS tenants which are pre-configured.


Top-Down Sync Configuration:

SAP IPS Admin(Customer or Partner Implementation) will configure based on the customer business requirement to enable user sync provisioning.


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