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Abstract: This blog provides you information about exclusive API for complete SAP Successfactors business.


Introduction: Successfactors provides multiple API’s for customers to consume the Human Capital Management services. Each module Employee Central, Learning, Analytics has their own API’s.

This blog introduces you a concept of having single entry point to HCM core business modules Employee Central, Learning, Analytics , Talent and more.




Problem Statement:

Consider a customer who buys Employee Central, Learning & Analytics from SAP Successfactors. His business scenario is to  integrate his payroll  system with Successfactors by consuming API's of all modules.

In this case he should have 3 interfaces in payroll system to connect to three different API's of Employee Central, Learning and Analytics. If customer needs to correlate an learning item of an employee with respective employee role then data fetched from Employee Central API needs to be correlated to data fetched Learning API. Two interfaces(connections) needs to run and customer has to design a custom code in payroll for correlation. Most of the customers are not comfortable with this design.



If Successfactors provide a unique API for all the modules, then customers efforts would be saved a lot and makes developers/implementation partners life sailing. Also it makes industry standard (like google, facebook has single API for their services).

By leveraging SAP Apimanagement we can publish the single API url to customers. This unique URL accepts calls from customer client application and API gateway-Apimanagement distributes the traffic to respective module in back end.



All the backend modules in Sucessfactors needs to be compatible with Apimanagement

Common credentials for all modules


Architecture Details


Present Architecture:







Implementation from customer side:

  1. Developer or partner needs to hit the url with their credentials

  2. API would give the metadata for each module

  3. Respective module api is accessed by path


Conclusion: Successfactors provides unique url for each landscape of all of it's modules. Single gateway for all module applications.