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This batch of startup solutions are helping SAP SuccessFactors HXM customers enable employees to be their best

SAP customers are changing the world of work for good with the next generation of human capital management solutions, putting people at the heart of their HR strategies. As SAP customers continue to utilize SAP SuccessFactors solutions to set up their employees for success, they can now additionally access over 25 solutions from SAP.iO startups that are integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and are available on the SAP Store for customers to discover, learn, and adopt.

Check out these Human Experience Management startups available on SAP Store that are leading the future of work and HR technology.


Anthill is a two-way communication and support software designed for employees that don’t sit at a desk (supply chain, manufacturing, retail, etc.). Anthill allows businesses to drive engagement and retention, reskilling, development, and internal mobility, while allowing employees to share insights and get help with their development through their compliant SMS-based two-way communications. With Anthill, employees can anonymously and clearly communicate their needs, share issues and hazards, and get quick responses from employers that build trust, connection, and a better employee experience. Employers can then act on data-driven insights directly from their employees and ultimately create a safer, communicative, and personal workplace and culture.

Anthill’s solution works with SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and is available on SAP Store here.


Cloverleaf is micro-coaching technology that enhances team performance, improves leadership capabilities and creates inclusive cultures. Cloverleaf’s technology platform makes coaching accessible for everyone, and uses assessments like 16-Types, Enneagram, and DISC, to automate team coaching and deliver insights through email, calendar, and messaging applications. Cloverleaf empowers employers to tap into each of their employees’ unique value, to communicate effectively, and to resolve conflict in a smooth manner. With Cloverleaf, SAP customers can create high-performing teams, develop stronger leaders, and build an inclusive company culture.

Cloverleaf’s solution works with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and is available on SAP Store here.


Humanly automates job candidate interactions and provides hiring teams with voice analytics to make interviews more efficient and more equitable. Some of Humanly’s features that greatly save time and efficiency for interviewers while providing a brand-forward candidate experience include automated note-taking for interviews, automated candidate screening and scheduling, automated reference checks, and two-way applicant tracking system integrations. Humanly’s interview analytics provide insights to uncover unconscious bias and inefficiencies in interviews, ensuring that interviewers are consistent across all candidates. Whether it be breaking down the talk/listen ratio of the interviewer and revealing the topics that best resonate with candidates to understanding the interviewers’ level of patience with certain types of candidates and feedback on the interview structure, Humanly empowers hiring teams to be better at candidate conversations.

Humanly’s solution works with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and is available on SAP Store here.


Immerse uses virtual reality and other immersive technologies to transform enterprise employee training, improving outcomes in onboarding, technical, and soft skills for employees. From recruitment and onboarding to self-guided learning and assessment, Immerse’s solution helps companies create, deploy, scale, measure, and integrate VR training to maximize ROI. With Immerse, employees see a significant increase in learning quality, retention, and training speed-to-competency while employers experience a significant reduction in costs, have the freedom to import and create their own enterprise-ready content easily, and access measurable insights from immersive training modules. The Immerse platform supports content that has been produced in-house, via a third-party supplier, or purchased off the shelf, creating a flexible foundation for any organization’s evolving immersive strategy.

Immerse’s solution works with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and is available on SAP Store here.


Knockri’s AI-powered behavioral video-based assessment evaluates and shortlists high-performing talent based on skill, reducing systemic hiring bias. Customers using Knockri can deploy automated assessments with speed and at scale, use scientifically tested job personas to create assessments, adapt their own skills frameworks, and customize the look and feel of assessments to align with company branding and ensure a positive candidate experience. Knockri breaks down candidate scores for each skill, allowing employers to shortlist candidates and speak to the highest-scoring candidates first. Knockri has helped customers increase racial and gender diversity, reduce time and cost to fill, and improve candidate experience and quality of hire.

Knockri’s solution works with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and can be found on SAP Store here.


Landit is the personalized coaching and career pathing platform to increase the success and engagement of everyone in the workplace. The Landit platform offers a turn-key “one size fits one” solution that enables companies to attract, develop, and retain their talent. Landit redefines the employee experience and journey by providing each person with a tailored playbook that provides the tools, resources, know-how, and human connections they need to advance and navigate their career. Key features include access to ICF certified executive coaching, building a personal board of advisors, curated content and skill recommendations, talent mapping and personalized pathing. Landit’s solution provides powerful analytics and metrics that give insight into the challenges facing talent as well as recommendations for a success plan.

Landit’s solution works with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and can be found on SAP Store here.

Mentor Spaces

The Mentor Spaces web & native mobile platform facilitates career conversations between corporate mentors and less experienced colleagues/prospective employees in career interest-based groups. The UX features asynchronous communication and live events for 1:1 and group conversations that facilitate personalized professional development and network building. The technology matches early career professionals with the most relevant mentors who lead these conversations based on career interests and development goals. Each group features vetted advice, resources, internship/job opportunities, and events. The platform provides in-app training for mentors and mentees to have high-quality conversations. The result is an intuitive UX that builds confidence and social capital while achieving our customers’ goals.

Mentor Spaces works with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Learning, and SAP SuccessFactors Recruting and is available on SAP Store here.

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