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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Restricting the Onboarding Dashboard Visibility.

This has been a common ask from most of the clients/partners on how to restrict the onboarding dashboard visibility.

Business Use Case:

Division “Manufacturing (MANU)” hiring manager or recruiter should only be able to see the onboardee of a Division “Manufacturing (MANU)”.

Using the Permission Group and Dynamic filter you can cater to this requirement.

This can be defined in 3 steps:

Follow the below Step

First Step

  1. a) Go to Admin Center> Manage Permission Group> Create New

  2. b) Select the user type as External Onboarding User

  3. c) Under Choose Group Members select Division as " Manufacturing (MANU) "

Job information-Division in the DG filter

Second Step

Only Division Manufacturing (MANU) HR should be able to access the Division Manufacturing (MANU) 6nboardee.


  1. a) Go to Admin Center> Manage Permission Group> Create New

  2. b) Select the user type as Employee

  3. c) Select the Division " Manufacturing (MANU)" HR users.

Third Step

Associating the Group to a permission role.

  1. a) Select the Role.

  2. b) Click "Add for external Target Population"

  3. c) In Grant role to: Select the Division HR " Manufacturing (MANU)" Group created in 2nd Step

  4. d) In Target population select the Division “Manufacturing (MANU)” Group for External User created in 1st Step



Jobs responsible for adding the external user to group:

The process is that after initiate the Onboarding, it will trigger the ‘HRIS Sync’ job, then trigger the ‘Realtime Refresh DG Membership’ job. Once the job is finished, the group will be refreshed and onboardess will be added to the external group.