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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,

I`m here to share with you a little tip for SAP SuccessFactors Learning.

Sometimes we face up with a Customer requirement related with partial import. In my years of implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Learning, this requirement was a particular challenge for me, but with some help from SAP colleagues I was able to address the solution.

My case was that the customer had purchased a few LMS licenses, and for this reason, they had to select a specific group of users to import into LMS, and is the reason that I'll share my experience with you.

We know that there are the standard integration between SAP SuccessFactors Platform and SAP SuccessFactors Learning, but the question is where can we adjust this kind of import to bring a limited number of employees?

Below I`ll present the solution.

To first thing to bear in mind is use the Role Based Permission and Target Population to address this question. Role Based Permission

When we define a Target Group to a single role for example, this means that we can control the population within group and then export it with a limited users number.

How to do?

1 - Create a user group in BizX (SAP SuccessFactors Platform) to be Exported using the desired criteria (some employee specific attribute) - e.g. ExportGroup_01

2 - Create a role to see all fields of the Employee View + Export Employee + Login - e.g. Admin_Export_Role


3 - Create a Group (Admin_Export_Group) to identify your AdminUser:



4 - And finally assign the (Admin_Export_Role) to (Admin_Role_Group) and set the Target Group to (GroupExport_01)

5 - Check the AdminUser permissions:
5.1 - Log in as the AdminUser that will perform the export;
5.2 - Find users inside and outside the group;
5.3 - If AdminUser is finding users outside the group, the roles must be reviewed. Check if AdminUser is not in the group ALL_Employess, Basic_Access or any other that has Viewing Permission Everyone;

6 - Schedule the ExportEmployee job in Provisioning by having AdminUser as Job Owner

7 - The User Group must have been exported according to the criteria.

With these steps when the import file is built and due the Target Population, we can verify that only the employees defined in the ExportGroup_01 are there. So when you check the number of licenses in LMS side you'll find only the licensed users.

Would be great hear form your side some experience or results applying this solution, and of course, feel free to ask in doubt case.

Don't forget to check also the other channels SAP SuccessFactors Learning Community and Blog SAP - Learning Session for questions, webinars, product information and so on.

Bet Regards
Daniel Romanin