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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This is the second posting on how to use the SAP SuccessFactors Report Story tool for the Compensation and Variable Pay modules.  If you are new to Report Story for Compensation please review my previous blog post here as well as the prerequisite steps for report stories on the SAP Customer Community here .

In the video demonstration below, I have built a quick dashboard for the Incentive Outcomes in a Total Compensation Review template using the variable pay tab only.  The template used for this report uses an additive formula with both individual and business components and follows the SAP SuccessFactors Leading Practice for Variable Pay.  Your specific template configuration may differ.

Report View

Two main measures are used in the report:

  1. Percentage of Target

  2. Individual Percentage Outcome


Percentage of Target

Percent of target is a measure that is the amount of an employee’s incentive that can be earned for various levels of achievement.  This is calculated by taking an employee’s total incentive payment and dividing it by their total incentive target.  Percent of target is used to equalise employee incentive payments that may vary by currency or target amounts.  This measure includes both individual and business components.

Individual Percentage Outcome

Individual percentage outcome is the component of the incentive that an employee contributes to directly.  It is typically a direct measure of employee performance or specific KPI outcomes. This measure does not include business outcomes.

General Tips

  • View the below video to see how to build a sample incentive outcome report

  • Ensure your form template contains reportable dimensions (country and division are used in this example)

  • Ensure you are permissioned to view the incentive data and that you have a good sample size of data on launched worksheets to validate your report

  • Map out your specific requirements prior to building.

Sample Dashboard Includes:

  • Average Percent of Target by Country – Bar chart

  • Average Percent of Target by Performance Rating and Division – Heat Map

  • Eligible Employees by Percent of Target Category – Pie Chart

  • Average Individual Percent by Performance Rating and Division – Heat Map

  • Top 10 Individual Percentage Outcomes

  • Page level filters by the country dimension

  • Detailed List secondary page

  • Logo, title and help text

Link to Technical Documentation

*Note: Due to KBA 3171154 reports should be built starting with the Template table until a fix is deployed

**Note: All screenshots and videos include sample data from an SAP SuccessFactors demo instance

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