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With the Mission to make Healthcare right, Bright HealthCare designs easy-to-understand benefit- packed plans with surprisingly low rates so one can focus on staying happy and healthy. They began with one market in 2017 and have since expanded to 131 markets across 17 states. It's a remarkable achievement in such a short period. 

Recently we had the honor of sitting down with their Director of Sales Operations, Matt Wandoloski, at SuccessConnect 2022, Las Vegas, to under the scale of their operations and how they manage their agent performance. Here are some nuggets from that discussion: 

Challenges faced as Bright Health expanded: 

As Bright Health started expanding, the manual administration of commissions and contracting was unproductive and inefficient. Health plans were sold through a system that relied on paper, and commission payments were manually computed. Multiple disparate systems for commissions and commissions were handed out by the seller according to their schedule. The management, computation, and distribution of broker compensation were inefficient, with an unreliable framework for broker compliance and license needs. 

Therefore, there was a critical need for compensation transformation and end-to-end agent management simplification. Because the organization desperately needed a change, it quickly searched for an automated solution. 

 Business Drivers for Compensation Transformation: 

The Bright Health team recognized the digital necessity early on. A better agent/broker experience was a priority, and they realized that streamlining compensation management for the agents would require the appropriate technology. They needed one system for their Payments and bonuses to be paid on time, along with facilitating online contracting and certification. 

So, Bright Healthcare turned to the SAP Agent Performance Management enterprise edition and SAP Agent Connection to standardize compensation plans and improve end-to-end agent lifecycle management with a single source of truth. 

Now, SAP provides the foundation for consistent agent compensation management. Bright Healthcare manages all their agents from onboarding to on the field, keeping them productive, motivated, informed, and selling. 

 "SAP Agent Connection makes brokers' access to data so much easier. It allows them to see all their sales-related information fosters connection with other brokers — It's been a game-changer." 

 Matt Wandoloski, Director of Sales Ops, Bright Healthcare 

 Control over Compensation Management 

Bright Healthcare's compensation transformation is assisting them in gaining a greater sense of control over their agent compensation management. Now they can efficiently add or change commission schedules, quickly investigate why a member has not been paid and promptly correct payment issues and create extracts and customize files, for example, after payout for easy finance ingestion, and quickly fix holds and rerun for accurate payments. In addition, they can add new LOB's/Products/Markets. 

Compliance and IT Audits made easy: 

Being the most highly regulated industry, Bright Healthcare is navigating the complexity of regulatory changes and IT audits with ease. They can maintain proactive regulatory compliance based on a single source of truth. They can easily download commission history, track system changes by user, and manage internal user access. 

Simplifying Medicare business, especially around annual changes  

With straightforward methods to add or update payment plans, add new markets and products, prepare commissions in advance, pay FMOs even while agent payments are on hold, simplify the recertification process, and guarantee those newly hired agents are correctly certified to hold codes that effectively support requirements, Bright Healthcare is better equipped to meet the Medicare business needs. 

Gaining Time and Saving costs

With an automated solution, Bright Healthcare is set up for continued success with integrated background checks, contract processing and control over commission payments. They have reduced the error rate by 21% while their reconciliation requests dropped by 22%. Manual system spent 24 hrs. processing commissions, now automatic process takes 3 hrs.

With integrated background checks, contract processing, and control over commission payments, Bright HealthCare is commanding its destiny — and forging ahead one patient at a time.

To learn more about how Bright Healthcare helps its agents achieve more, check out the infographic and read this case study. Then, visit us online to find out how SAP can Improve end-to-end agent lifecycle management with a single source of truth.