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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
It is obvious that one of the main driving forces behind the move to cloud is a need for standardization. SuccessFactors has always been fulfilling that need with implementation content and workbooks. But many organizations wanted to go even one step further. They asked for small increments of modular deployable content, available when they need it.

That is exactly what we now offer via a new activation offering with SAP Best Practices for SAP SuccessFactors. This provides predefined content which can be automatically deployed with a few mouse clicks.

Content at your fingertips

We are enabling SAP best practices content via the upgrade center. This means that customers can familiarize themselves in the SuccessFactors Upgrade Center with the SAP Best Practices content and when they like it use the ‘Upgrade’ button to automatically deploy configuration content.

We started this breakthrough initiative for a new content delivery approach for SAP Best Practices in our 1705 release for core HR processes. In our current 1708 release we are adding time management related content. This allows you to easily deploy country specific best-practices. The scope is deployable in a modular approach, and therefore it also works for customers who implemented Employee Central and over time want to extend the scope into for example Time and Attendance Management.

See the following screenshot of the Upgrade Center in which all specific items are offered in the 'recommended upgrades' section:

When clicking on Best Practices Employee Central Time Off the following item opens up:

Customers can familiarize themselves with what is included and check the permission details to see the post activation steps which need to be performed. After deploying the generic Time Off content the country specific features for e.g. USA can be switched on:

What does such a SAP Best Practices offering contain?

Let’s stay with Time Off. This best-practice contains country specific configurations and content. The German version for example contains:

  • A prefilled holiday calendar

  • Work schedules

  • Time account types

  • Absence types

  • Workflows

  • Time profiles

  • Accrual rules for seniority

  • Rules for employees with a challenged status

  • A rule which calculates the continuous pay end-date

  • Country specific messages in the local language are foreseen

The content is updated every quarter and currently available for the following 7 countries:

  • Australia

  • France

  • Germany

  • Saudi Arabia

  • United Arab Emirates

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

And more to come.

What else is covered in the Employee Central SAP Best Practices?

Time Off is just one component of the EC Best Practice. Other components are:

  • HR Transactions: Pre-configured processes for adding a new hire, personnel changes and transfers, promotions and demotions, termination and rehire transactions.

  • Time Sheet: Pre-configured time recording profiles and time evaluation content to calculate time valuation results relevant for payroll.

  • Position management: Pre-configured content for position management that allows you to create and manage positions online with appropriate controls, store and track position category, job description, related organizational entities, and current incumbent.

  • Total Workforce Management: Pre-configured processes to enable the management of your total workforce including contingent workers, apprentices, people with concurrent jobs and who are on global assignments.

  • Integration: Predefined processes and content for the integration between SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payrol

Check this link for a full overview: 

How does it technically work?

Using the Upgrade Center predefined SAP Best Practices configurations and content can be deployed automatically. In order to be able to run SAP Best Practices content from the Upgrade Center, customers request the access to that content via their services contacts or partner with access to provisioning.

This will provide all SAP Best Practices content in the upgrade center and the “Upgrade Now” action will automatically deploys the configurations. After deploying the content remaining post-activation steps have to be performed according to the SAP Best Practices configuration descriptions.

What is the commercial model?

All the configuration content is available for customers and partners, free of charge. This contains:

  • Preconfigured content, ready for activation

  • Business Proces Diagrams

  • Configuration Guides

  • Technical “how to” & integration guides

  • Test scenarios

  • Expert documentation

Check the following screenshot for the accelerators which are delivered for the Employee Central best practice:

Can I have a look?

All Partners and SAP employees can request a Free Ready-to-run SAP Best Practices Demo Instance containing Demo Data built-in to run end-to-end processes preconfigured as per the SAP SuccessFactors best practices and detailed Demo Scripts.

Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to request the Best Practices Demo tenant, and consult SAP Note: SAP Note 2399798 for detailed guidance on this demo tenant and access to the demo scripts

if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Kind regards,

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Very cool feature and thanks for sharing @Frans Smolders
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Very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing!

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Fantastic way for customers to accelerate their time to value with SAP Best Practices! I would also like to understand how this work for cutomers that already have some configuration in their instance. Let's say a customer has implemented EC for for two or three countries, and now wants to use the Best Practices content to implement EC for additional new countries. Would this deployment method via Upgrade Center be an alternative, or does it work for green-field environments only? Thanks.-
Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Pedro, in the current release this works for green field customers. However, for coming releases we do plan to deliver updates which do make such a deployment on top of existing functionality possible. So stay tuned!


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Hi Frans,


Do you have a workbook for the Best Practice Time Off Content?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Jorgen, can you write me a quick e-mail? I will then bring you in contact with the package leads to bring you up to speed.

Cheers, Frans (