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When you hear about conversion rate, most people immediately think of ecommerce sites like where they made “conversion” a household term. Ecommerce sites live and die on conversion rates and some see dramatic change with single digit percentage points and some, like Amazon, see massive change with the smallest fraction of a percent of increase.

As we know in recruiting, your applicants are your customers. Have you looked closely at conversion rates? Since the onset of digital marketing, there are three major avenues that can go into customer conversion rates

  • Search engine marketing/optimization

  • Email marketing

  • Website design optimization

I could write at length about any one of these, but for today, let’s focus on website optimization. This can come in many forms, from building prototypical websites, to content testing, or simple graphic changes. These elements have an impact on how candidates view your site, consume content and ultimately convert.

One of the most impactful directions that took place in website optimization was using landing pages. Landing pages carry multiple benefits for companies, including:

Targeting: Landing pages have had a dramatic impact on conversion rates – where marketers used to send traffic to a home page, it now goes to a landing page. Now, this traffic could come from search engines, job fairs, ad buys, recruiting events, flyers, anything you could think of that is targeted at a specific group of people.

Testing: An additional benefit is testing images, content and calls to action. By doing some simple A/B tests you can gain critical insights into what your candidates prefer and respond to in your messaging.

We have had landing page functionality in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting for years, but with the Q2 2017 release, we have greatly simplified the ability to create landing pages by leveraging career site builder functionality. Customer can now, on a self-serve basis, create unlimited landing pages.

For more information on the Q2 release across the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, check out the blog post here and the release video here. Plus, don’t miss the resources now available here and here to see how SAP SuccessFactors solutions are better for HR and your digital transformation journey.

I hope you’ll be joining us at SuccessConnect London, June 12-14, where you can learn more about SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting – and much more!