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Product and Topic Expert

Automate Recurring Deduction Creation

Hi All,

This blog summarises how to automatically create recurring deduction portlet record when employee’s job information changes.


Automatically creating recurring deduction record in recurring deduction portlet when employee’s employee group changes in job information.

 Product Limitation:

Integration Center job doesn’t support UPSERT operation on RecurringDeductionItem object.

Reference -


Step1: Create CSV Output Integration (Recurring Deduction-Recurring Items) file.

Step2: Export the file to SFTP folder.

Step3: Import file from SFTP to EC using MDF Data Import (FTP) provisioning job


Let’s see this in detail.

Step1: Create CSV Output Integration (Recurring Deduction-Recurring Items) file.

What should the export file look like?

It should have the same format as the import file for Recurring Deductions-Recurring Items. A reference template, available for download under Import and Export Data, can be used to guide this process. Here is a depiction of what the file looks like with two headers as shown below.


Proceed to the Integration Center and establish an EDI file output integration.



Select 'job information' as the starting entity because our goal is to create a recurring deduction record every time there is a change in job information.


Add the necessary headers and fields in accordance with the above template.


Edit calculation for pay component.


If employee Group= US01, then add record for pay component 4001 in Recurring Deduction portlet.

Similarly, we can add multiple If/Then conditions based on requirement.


Add the filters as needed.

Output looks like this. And this file is ready to be exported to SFTP.


Step2: Export the file to SFTP folder.

Add destination settings for SFTP


Step3: Import file from SFTP to EC using MDF Data Import (FTP) provisioning job

To do this Create provisioning job of type MDF Data Import (FTP)




It's time to test now.

Let’s hire employee with employee group= US01


Run the Integration Center job.


File received in SFTP folder.


Run provisioning job. Job will process file from SFTP folder & imports data to recurring deduction portlet.


In conclusion, the logic detailed above allows us to achieve some of requirements from customers to automate recurring deductions and one-time payment portlet records. Would like to hear suggestions on how this logic can be used further, or any other strategic input to achieve similar requirements.