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A mother’s love is immeasurable and takes an infinite variety of forms. At SAP, we are surrounded by hardworking women who also double as hardworking moms, each bringing their unique experiences in accomplishing a healthy work-life balance. We had the privilege of meeting with North America Cloud Success Services Customer Success Partner and mother of two, Remya Janakivallahbhan, to learn about her inspiring journey back into the workforce through SAP’s Returnship ProgramSAP’s paid Returnship Program provides mid-career professionals who’ve taken a career break for caregiving, relocation, or military service with a smooth transition back to the workforce.

Remya.jpegRemya first established her career in India, where she accumulated eight years of project management in software engineering and telecommunications. Driven and intelligent, Remya was a master of her field, something she would carry with her while she and her husband relocated to the United States, where Remya first worked as a Technical Recruiter before spending two years as a CSM for a Digital Marketing Agency. Soon after settling in Washington, they welcomed their second child to the world, and Remya decided to sacrifice her professional aspirations to dedicate her full attention to raising her children.  

Remya recalls this being an easy decision, appreciating the beauty of witnessing and assisting in her kids’ growth. During this three-year break, however, she never stopped learning, constantly taking advantage of online courses to expand her skillset. She expressed the necessity of learning to stay up to date with the industry, motivating her to receive an additional certification in Google Project Management and adding to her qualifications before returning to the workforce. “Even during my break, I always had a clear understanding that I wanted to resume my career and set a positive example for my children by being a role model, showing them the importance of dedication and hard work,” Remya shares.  

In 2022, Remya began her job search, prioritizing companies that not only aligned with her skillset, but also promoted an inclusive and flexible environment. A company is nothing without its people, so Remya read through comments from former and current employees of each company, finding helpful insight from firsthand experiences while simultaneously exploring stories of moms returning to the workforce. The positive reflections on SAP’s diversity focus, work-life balance, and health and wellness priority inspired her application to the Returnship Program. 

After joining the SAP family as seamlessly as the program promises, Remya’s experiences affirmed the reviews. Role-specific training was met with skillset development opportunities and relationship-building practices, aligned with the tools for a manageable workload. She gratefully recalls the time and space she was given to ask questions: “I’m glad the environment was so conducive for me to be able to learn quickly. The people around me were encouraging, supportive, and understanding of my background. By joining SAP,” she continues, “you become part of a global organization that values individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, and recognizes the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Here, we can contribute to projects that drive digital transformation, improve business processes, and make a positive impact on organizations worldwide.” As a Customer Success Partner, Remya plays a key role in driving SAP's cloud transformation efforts.

Remya encourages other working moms to recognize the value of transmittable skills they develop during the break from work, explaining their role in the process: “As mothers, we are trained to multitask and balance. Focus on networking, as this can provide valuable guidance during your transition. Stay determined, persistent, and committed to your goals. Most importantly, never give up. You’ll come across scenarios where you feel like nobody’s taking notice, or you won’t get back into the workforce at all. Let those feelings come and let them go. Things will change if you keep working towards your goal.” 

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