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With our first quarter of 2019 behind us, one theme we continue to see is our employee ecosystems driving towards technology and financial efficiencies in building out their workforce management processes. One of the topics that often comes up is why is looking at total workforce management (TWM) so important? Maybe you’re a new process owner, or evaluating technology improvements as you move along a digital transformation. Wherever you are in your journey, TWM is critical to gain the data insights and fiscal responsibility your stakeholders are expecting.

Data is the new digital currency. New sources of data appear continually, and many times these new data sources look nothing like anything you have seen or dealt with in the past. Combining your existing and new data into a single data universe help address the demands that business is expecting. SAP is committed to helping every customer become a best-run business, and to improve people’s lives – this is SAP’s mission. Our strategy is to deliver the intelligent enterprise for our customers, to achieve desired business outcomes, and ultimately make the world run better. Companies that effectively leverage this overwhelming volume of data that is accessible to them by using technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Internet of Things, and draw truly meaningful insights, gain competitive advantages. We call these companies “Intelligent Enterprises”. Intelligent enterprises operate with visibility, focus, and agility to achieve game-changing outcomes.  They deliver a best-in-class customer experience, by proactively responding to customer expectations, and invent new business models and revenue streams. To truly become a best-run business, organizations must master how to combine data, applications and smart technology, build innovative business models and processes, engage with customers and talent in new, personalized ways, and achieve desired outcomes faster – all with less risk.

We believe SAP’s leadership in enterprise applications and analytics puts us in the best position to bridge data management technology to business value. Our customers need a coherent and unified digital foundation. Without it, the value inherent in their data, processes and applications is as good as lost.

As stated by SAP CEO Bill McDermott, “We share the belief that every human voice holds value, every experience matters and that the best-run businesses can make the world run better”, and that statement couldn’t be truer than when looking at the future of total workforce management. According to HR Technologist (1/7/2019), the top 7 workforce management trends are:


1) Workplaces will become more collaborative

2) Employee Engagement will become a fiscal imperative

3) Self-service will become the norm

4) AI & ML must be working behind the scenes

5) The workforce will be more diverse and multi-generational

6) Integrations will be a staple for Workforce Management apps

7) The Gig economy will continue to grow

More than ever, it is critical that companies ensure they are engaging with their people in meaningful ways, provide a more collaborative and interactive work environment, and hire, retain and foster fiercely loyal top talent.

We bring these processes together within our intelligent enterprise, first through our intelligent suite of products. These core solutions include HR processes from SAP SuccessFactors, the contingent workforce from SAP Fieldglass, and then finance from SAP S/4HANA and Travel & Expense from SAP Concur. These solutions create the core standard processes and workflows based on over 30 years of expertise in their respective business solutions. Where we begin to see the magic and future of the “intelligence” are the technologies and services you can embed into the solutions. Then we move to the connective tissue of our solution, where SAP utilizes its digital platform as the foundation of the intelligent enterprise. SAP Cloud Platform is a business Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides agile innovation for customers and partners; it has in-memory capabilities that can be leveraged using SAP HANA, core platform services, and unique business services for connecting, creating, integrating, and extending cloud applications. For those that need to extend any workflows outside of standard solutions, SAP Cloud Platform allows organizations to build exactly what they need more quickly, easily, and economically – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure. This is a way to “future-proof” your investment, because you can innovate and embed those latest technologies, seamlessly as they are created. By having this extensibility, we can take manual processes still happening outside of traditional SaaS solutions, and bring them into SAP SuccessFactors, not only creating more efficiencies but bringing that digital currency into the solution, offering more insights for leaders to manage their workforce and an improved ecosystem.

Here are a couple of highlights in these areas, to give you a flavor of what you can do:

EC + Fieldglass (video clip) – creating streamlined experiences when searching for new contract workers for a new project, utilizing SAP Fieldglass Digital Network you gain a streamlined experience of not only sourcing employees for what your need, but seeing detailed information as to the skills and capabilities your options would have.

Labor Relations – utilizing Labor Relations (Sodales) built on SAP Cloud Platform, allows you to automate your grievance management, discipline management, arbitration steps, seniority Rules and reporting processes. Often, we see these as very manual processes, with the digital data living outside of your SaaS solution like SAP SuccessFactors. By automating this process, you enhance the experience, and complete the lifecycle of your total workforce management while gaining audit controls and process efficiencies.

As you embark upon your Total Workforce Management initiatives for your intelligent enterprise, we look forward to the collaboration, so you keep your people at the center of your business, and innovate for more effective hiring, more effective retention of top talent, and to ensure the right people at the right time are engaged with a more productive outcome for the business. With the tools available, there are no reasons to limit the experiences you can offer your diverse workforces, while operating a premium HR engine.

So where can you go to learn more? The first place where we highlight all these trends is within our new SAP SuccessFactors Gold Guide. This document connects our suite of HR solutions with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass, highlighting amazing customer stories and use cases, plus innovations leveraging SAP Cloud Platform from our partner ecosystem that can accelerate your TWM initiatives! Next, our product team has provided some amazing scenarios (blueprints) for you to leverage greater ROI from your existing solutions by continuing your journey with SAP Cloud Platform, or discover, try, and buy pre-built apps at the SAP App Center.