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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

2H 2023 enhancements to the Compensation Module are out on What's New Viewer and we take you below through the most important ones. They will be rolled out to Preview environments on October 20 and to Production environments on November 17, 2023.



#1 - Custom MDF Fields Import for Variable Pay Employee History

One of the best enhancements to Variable Pay in many years ! For links on how to build if-then OnSave rules in MDF objects see here and here.



#2 - Enhancements to Planner Audit

In my view a must-use new feature for all new Compensation and Variable Pay cycles to improve the planner (and Comp Admin) experience.

Note: Standard recommendation columns only store the amount entered on screen. This means that in order for the Merit % to show on Change History we would first need to create a new custom column called Merit % (with formula merit/curSalary) and mark it as auditable.




#3 - Enhanced Compensation and Variable Pay Jobs speed and parallel processing

  • If in our eligibility rules we exclude inactive and external users we can also now unselect them from being added by default to the scope on which our eligibility rules apply which for some customers in specific industries (retail and catering are two recent examples) can save a lot of time. See additional discussions on the HXM community here. If even after unchecking these boxes we still experience long run times (>4/5 hours) when applying the rules or when running Mass update worksheets jobs with apply eligibility checked then we should look at using more variables as per the Did You Know section of this blog or even completely changing the eligibility process by using this way of building eligibility.

  • Performance testing after 2H 2023: for a compensation template with a straight forward design (15-20 columns, no hardcoded formulas or guidelines by UserID) it took 35 minutes for the system to create 5,500 worksheets with 42k employees in them. Other colleagues confirmed that processes that used to take up to 12 hours now complete in 4 hours so a 50-60% speed increase.




#4 - General Display Name in the Downloaded Statement File Names




#5 - Hide Disabled Compensation Module Templates




#6 - Eligibility Rules: new category for Compensation and Variable Pay

This new category now protects compensation business rules from being deleted as long as they are mapped to a compensation template (similarly to MDF rules). It also adds additional information at the bottom specific to Compensation in lieu of the blank Then section of the Basic domain rules.



All the best



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