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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear All,

Hope you are doing fine.

I am excited to share the new features that we are planning to deliver as part of the Best Practices package for Time Management  2H 2022 via the upgrade center. We have some new features (new country localizations) along with enhancements for existing countries

Disclaimer: Please note these features are currently available only on preview and are in a planned state. The final list would be updated on RTC or production date for 2H 2022.

Kuwait Localization

We now provide localized configuration for Kuwait (KW) Time Off. By applying the country-specific configuration block, you will get sample configuration for various leave types like Vacations, Illness, Maternity/Paternity, etc.  The list is huge and hence I will only focus on some important time types in this blog


Complex Accrual logic where 30 days are provided in a year with daily accruals of 0.082 days.

Negative balances are allowed, and employees are allowed to take leave in Advance for upcoming months as long as the threshold value of a negative balance per month is not breached

To make it easier to understand let’s plot a monthly table below considering 2.5 days per month (which is 30 days per year) as an example. The below are negative thresholds

We use take rules in order to validate how many leaves in advance the employees can take considering these limits in place


Apart from these, we have some special time types valid for these regions like Hajj Leave (21 days), Iddah leave etc.

You can find the entire list in our help portal, or you can download the workbooks from the upgrade centre to review the content

If you wish to proceed further, you could also click on Upgrade now button on the Upgrade Center Page and this would then deploy all the time types, rules, and other related configurations in your instance

United States

We enhanced our existing package for Time Off United States to incorporate concurrent absences scenario for the United states

It’s a combination of Unpaid LOA and Vacation combination - In the US, an employee can request accrued vacation time while they are out on a leave of absence (LOA) such that they are not on an unpaid absence for the whole duration of LOA and can get paid for the accrued vacation during their leave of absence.


The sample config for the above business process is delivered via our upgrade center automation



We enhanced our existing package for Time Off Japan to incorporate new time types as shown below

  • Birthday (Apply 1 day only on Birthday Month)

  • Volunteer/Self Development Leave (5 Days Can be applied for self-learning, Social activities)


Rounding of Clock In/Out Entries for Time Tracking (15 mins increment)

Time clock rounding or time rounding is a practice that allows supervisors or employers to get an insight into their employee’s work hours and modify them to easier-to-tackle numbers for accounting when they calculate payroll. Sample Rules to round entries in increments of 15 mins when an employee clocks In/Out are delivered


Use case: The 7-Minute rule/One-quarter of an hour

This is often the most common rule companies will use. As you’re about to see it deals with a larger time interval, so it’s easier to keep track of clock in/out times. Overall, it makes the rounding process less tedious. It’s important to note that this is called the 7-minute rule because in the first 7 minutes of a 15-minute interval you round the time back, and in the next seven minutes you round the time forward.

Start time/End Time Rounded time
07:53 – 08:07 08:00
08:08 – 08:22 08:15
08:23 – 08:37 08:30
08:38 – 08:52 08:45
08:53 – 09:07 09:00

You can also learn about this in detail in my blog

Late Comers

The time product team had come up with the concept of setting up Late Comers in 1H2022. The good news is that we have automated this config completely and you would get this in your instance with just a click of a button via the upgrade center

In order to deploy, this you would need to upgrade best practices for time tracking


Flex Time Dashboard for Work Zone

In 2H 2022, our team also developed an interesting Work Zone Card for tracking working time account.

A dashboard or a card that helps the manager to view the working time account balance in a consolidated manner for all his/her direct reports. Managers can view which employees are over productive, balanced or underutilized, etc. Customers who have flexitime want kind of a conditionally formatted report which shows the Working Time Account at any point in time.

The manager's direct reports would be listed and then each of their working time account balances would be displayed in a color-coded bar horizontal bar graph as shown below

I hope this is something that you would use/adopt in your implementations


You can also look at this blog to learn more on 2H 2022 deliverables from the Time Management product team

Best Regards