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The enhancements that SAP Commissions brings to the table in 2211 are designed to support reporting and analytical experiences that your sales teams require to speed up business performance. Improving Embedded Analytical Capabilities, which range from report scheduling to analysis of plan documents, was the primary emphasis of this work. 

Embedded Analytics

Scheduling and Publication

With the Schedule Publication option, administrators are given the ability to schedule the generation of reports and to provide end users with published versions of their personalized reports. To get to this option for a story, go to the File menu and select the Schedule Publication option. In order for scheduling to work properly, an administrator needs to go into the Identity Provisioning system and edit the transformation mappings. This gives Compensation Administrators the ability to schedule the generation of reports and to provide end users both public and personalized versions of those reports.


Order Detail Report

The new Order Detail Report gives information on all orders and the associated transactions that have been handled by the SAP Commissions system during a specified time period. This information can be used to analyze the performance of the SAP Commissions system. The Payee Transactions data model is being utilized in this story.


Plan Documents Data Model

The Plan Documents data model gives administrators the ability to view the status of distributed plan documents as well as do analyses on those documents. Makes it possible for administrators to construct a plan document distribution report in order to analyze and view the current state of the distributed plan documents. 


To get a complete look at all of our developments for SAP Commissions, please visit the What’s New Viewer on the SAP Help Portal or the SAP Knowledge Base. 

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