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As the year ends, the activities start. One of the activity is mass approval of leaves for quota calculation.

To start with, I am certified Employee Central Consultant and i am writing this post as I worked on similar issue in one of my support project recently.
Here are the steps to make this humongous task easy and quick.
To start with, let’s keep an employee code or two handy to check the output.
Name- Test Emp

Time Off screen-

Let’s start the activity, in SuccessFactors Instance follow the path-

HomeàAdmin CentreàEmployee Files (under Company Processes & Cycles) à Manage Data

In Search field, mention ‘Employee Time’ and select above mentioned user’s leave request and check the ‘Approval Status’ which should be ‘Pending'-


Click on ‘Take Action-->Make Correction’ and change the status to ‘Approved’ and ‘Save’-

Now, check the entry in employee’s time off screen and manager’s approval screen-

Employee’s Time Off-

Manager’s Approval Screen-

But, in case of multiple leaves to be approved, export the csv and perform below steps-


Home-->Admin Centre --> Import and Export Data

Click on Export Data

Select Generic Object- Employee Time

Include Dependencies- No

Click on ‘Export’

Fetch the csv from ‘Monitor Job’

In the csv sheet, filter ‘Approval Status’ as PENDING and replace them as APPROVED.

To the entries replaced, paste them in a .csv file and save. Take care that extension of file is .csv.

Now open the instance again to import the .csv file via Import and Export Data.

Note that Load Type be ‘Incremental Load’ and Key Preference be ‘External Code’

First click ‘Validate’ and check response in Monitor Job.

Once all cases pass, click on Import.

Check Employee Time Off.

Employee Time Off-

So, with this, the humongous task gets completed sooner and with no much hassle!