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Last blog in of two planed related to selling SAP SuccessFactors:

  • Go-to-Market – Executive Summary (1/2)

  • The SAP SuccessFactors Value2Win (2/2)

So you are a SAP SuccessFactors Partner – congratulation – but are still working out from the old Request for proposal process. Then you need to adapt unless you wish to end as displayed above. But how do I transform, you educate yourself – and change your process.

First the education part – the good part is that it included in your partnership with SAP, depending on your role.

There are 5 different roles

  • Sales Executive

  • Pre-sales Consultant

  • Marketing

  • Solution Consultant

  • Customer Engagement Executive

The latest role which has been launched by SAP related to selling, is the Customer Engagement Executive – be advised – that SAP states that of October 23 2017 this role is required for keeping your SAP Cloud Human Resources Sell authorization. If you do not have a person with this area of responsibility – then you have a task at hand.

Please refer to SAP PartnerEdge for more information

Recently SAP added the Value2Win education to the above – which contain 4 virtual sessions of 60-90 minutes long – you are required to have successfully completed the Level 1 Sales Executive Qualification before you can attend.

The sessions and the Value2Win include:

  • Get to learn the valu2win Playbook – you get online access

  • Use and discuss the value selling principles

  • Use the Value2Win playbook Conversation Builder

  • Learn and use the value assessment and benchmarking tool – assist you customers displaying the real value behind the SAP SuccessFactors Suite

  • Whiteboard the customer story – no more death by the PowerPoint

I attended in August 2017 – sadly I did not notice the time zone, but happily there are recordings that you can see after the sessions. Should you attend – yes you should must definitely, after the course you will have achieved a skillset that is highly needed in the SAP SuccessFactors Partner network.

I can understand that after the first blog – that those who do not have a degree within marketing had issues understanding what the two words »Push« and »Pull« has to do with sales of SAP SuccessFactors. It is not about pushing or pulling a CrossFit sled.

So here we go, to simplify it, see the figure. And to all you legacy persons out there, you will hate me for what is next.

To the left the old legacy process for selling on premise products is listed as »Push«.
But I must admit that a great deal of the SAP SuccessFactors community is still left in left lane. This is in my opinion a reactive approach to sale. You are free to disagree. But in the long run you will feel the reactive approach will have a negative influence on your Cloud business sales.

Am I the only one that states this together with SAP, a “minor” advisory service agency named Gartner also see a shift in the sales approach. From reactive to proactive – do not be the dinosaur. Use a high degree of social media to create awareness. But also secure that you come in as early as possible to widen the scope and assist the customer prior to they start up the Request for Proposal process.

So which lane do you wish to be in? The left lane is for the dinosaur. Or the right lane for the SAP SuccessFactors Partner that adapt to the new market conditions and brings additional service to the SuccessFactors marketplace, upsell to current SAP SuccessFactors customers, and keep the churn rate low.

And by the way – if you wondered I am in the right lane.

Best regards

Anders Bang Christoffersen, SAP SuccessFactors Consultant, Center of Excellence SAP SuccessFactors Zalaris HR Services

 Anders Bang Christoffersen, I did it my way. Started as soldier and later HR clerk in the Danish Army, so I know what the HR admin tasks are. Ended my education with a Master in IT, have learnt the hard way. Is working with SAP SuccessFactors at Zalaris HR Services. If you have questions – please reach out.