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I have seen requirements where Employee Class and Employment Type picklist functionalities were not meeting customer requirements.

This blog describes the solution to set up complex validation combinations between Employee Class and Employment Type. While SAP standard configuration provides these fields as picklists, due to which different combinations of validations cannot be used for e.g., some Employee Class values can only be used in certain Legal Entities, or some Employment Types can only be used in combination with certain Employee Class values as well as within certain Legal Entities.

The fields Employee Class and Employment Type in Job Information are usually used to be able to classify employees. If Employee Central is integrated with SAP HCM, fields used are IT0001-PERSG and IT0001-PERSK.


Below is the configuration to achieve these requirements in Employee Central as well as to make sure, that the integration to SAP HCM is working as expected.

To meet these requirements, configure two custom MDF objects for Employee Class and Employment Type, including needed associations.

Create a custom MDF object for Employee Class in “Configure Object Definition”:

Configure Object Definition Employee Class


Including the following association and security permissions:

Object Settings Employee Class


View in "Manage Data":

Manage Data Employee Class


Create a custom MDF object for Employment Type in “Configure Object Definition”:

Configure Object Definition Employment Type


Including the following associations and security permissions:

Object Settings Employment Type


View in "Manage Data":

Manage Data Employment Type


If you are wondering how to configure a custom MDF object, please refer to this link.


Create two custom fields in job information to add the fields in “Manage Business Configuration":

Manage Business Configuration - Job Information


Including the association configuration:

Field Settings Employee Class


Field Settings Employment Type


From an HCM integration point of view, using custom MDF objects for Employee Class (Employee Group/Mitarbeitergruppe) and Employment Type (Employee Sub-Group/Mitarbeiterkreis) in SuccessFactors ensures that only valid combinations are replicated into SAP HCM. So e.g., a certain Employment Type can only be chosen in combination with defined Employee Class as well as e.g., with defined country (or Legal Entity). The mapping of the objects can be done analog to the mapping of picklist values. There is no additional effort in the standard BIB mapping.



For further information about Business Integration Builder (BIB), please refer to this link or the Replicating Employee Master Data from Employee Central to SAP ERP HCM Guide.

Please be aware, that standard Employee Class SuccessFactors picklist field can be used as filter in HCM replication. To ensure, that this functionality can still be used, configure a picklist field on Employee Class object with Employee Class standard picklist.

Employee Class Picklist


Additionally, enable standard Employee Class picklist field in Job Info and use a business rule to set the value automatically depending on object field, e.g., like this:

Business Rule


With this configuration, you can choose Employee Class and Employment Type flexibly and at the same time make sure, that only allowed combinations can be chosen. Other benefits are e.g., the simplification of reporting on Employee Class and Employment Type as well as using both fields as permission group filters.


Hope this gave a nice information, and you enjoyed this blog! Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.
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