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I have been planning to write a blog on Global Benefits for quite some time and finally decided to write today. I would like to share small tips and tricks which once should keep in mind while doing the implementation.

  • Adding Custom field and populating it Via Rule Engine.  In many cases, you may require to add some fields which are not part of the standard solution. You can add the customer-specific field via Configure Object Definition. In case the field that you add does not appear on the UI, you can add the field by editing config UI of the particular field. To populate the field you can create a rule based on your requirement and assign the rule to the Object Definition.

  • Checking Payout Details for Enrollment and Claim Scenario.                                                For Enrollment and Claim scenario which has payroll integration enabled, you can check the payout details in the Spot Bonus portlet and Compensation portlet.

  • Viewing the Pending Claims.  You can view it in In-Process Claims section. If your claim or enrollment is currently pending for approval, you can also see the details on the Pending Requests page of your employee file. Here you can see approver names, post comments, also withdraw your request.

  • Importing benefit records with attached pay component

    1. In the benefit configuration, set Payroll Integration as No.

    2. Create an upload file for all the employees with current Pay Component

    3. Import the file

    4. In the benefit configuration, set Payroll Integration as Yes.

  • Creating a Shortcut for Benefit Overview Page

    By clicking on the star icon next to the link, the admin can make a particular link as his favorite. Admin can then directly access this from the My Favorites tile on the admin tools page.

  • Using the "Search for actions or people" to go to the benefits page.

    In the “Search for actions or people”, use search terms such as view my benefits, Go to employee benefits, or Go to benefits will direct the user to “Go to Benefits” page of the employee. Besides, the pre-delivered phrases, admin can enter custom phrases that will direct the user to “Go to Benefits” page. To do so, go to Admin Center  Manage Action Search  Go to Benefits  Add custom paraphrases.

  • Adding Searchable Criteria for Benefits Enrollment and Claim Objects.

    You can search for a benefits enrollment or claim if you add searchable criteria to Benefit Enrollment and Benefit Employee Claim Details objects. To add searchable criteria to these objects, go to Admin Center > Configure Object Definitions. Search for Benefits Enrollment or Benefit Employee Claim Details and add fields you want to use as search criteria to Searchable Fields.
    Example: benefit.benefitName and wokerId fields added to searchable fields will enable admin to search a benefits enrollment or claim using benefit name or worker ID.

    Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to share feedback or more information if you have. Sharing is caring so Keep sharing Knowledge :).

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